Angele Joneliene was born in 1957 in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.

In 1981 she graduated Lithuanian Music Academy (by cello). She played cello in Opera and Ballet theatre and State Lithuanian television orchestra. Later she obtained her degree of journalism from Vilnius University. She has nearly ten years of experience as an editor in Lithuanian television. Her last position as a journalist was chief editor of magazine “Lemtis” (“Destiny”).

Last four years she worked in U.S.A. There in Chicago she organized her first mandalas exhibition. These wonderful, colorful and full of harmony pieces first time was showen to public of Chicago, where local radio and television judged it very positive.

At a present time Angele is living in Vilnius. She is traveling a lot. Italy, India, Jeruzalem, Armenia, Mexico – always trying to feel and understand soul of sacred places. All that history, phylosophy and deep impresion of unusual energy makes her create new, and new mandalas.

“Painting mandalas for me is like finding new world – world of beauty with different ways to heal and harmonize myself and viewers. Painting became for me as a sacred path”.

2004 – personal exhibition in Chicago, USA (M.K.Ciurlionis Gallery)
2006 – personal exhibition in Vilnius (M. and J.Slapeliai House-Museum)
2007 – exhibition in Glastonbury, UK (Ash-tat Centre)
2008 – personal exhibition in Vilnius (UNESCO Gallery)
2008 – personal exhibition in Moscow (N.Rerich Museum)
2009 – personal exhibition in Vilnius (Parlament Palace)
2009 – exhibition in Rome, Italy (ArtRomGallery)
2010 – personal exhibition in Vilnius (Government House)