Known photograpgy artist from Chicago Algimantas Kezys was amazed by Angele’s work. In his article “The world of mandalas” he wrote: “In the opinion of the author of these works, mandala’s visual elements serve a higher purpose. The pictorial substances are only a means to express sublime spiritual and even celestial tendencies of the human soul”. “Angele has this to say about the meaning of her work – painting mandalas, for me, is not only a creative process but also a semi-mystical experience that obliterates the sense of time and of space. The final result, which is the picture, seems to appear from some unknown sourse. It feels as if an invisible force has guided my hand in creating it”.

“We live in a world surrounded by all kinds of unknown vibrations. One can even say that whatever we do or whatever we think, is nothing else but a form of foreign constantly manifesting itself and guiding our existence”.

“I’m happy that my paintings do not promote negative feelings in the viewers, and that they enlighten and elevate the hearts of men. I believe that it is precisely here, at the center of one’s heart, symbolized by the center point of the mandala, that all one’s thoughts, wishes, speeches, works have their being. I heartly hope that all people would successfully embrace the principles of the mandala as guides for their lives”.